Queen Elizabeth

Woodchip ship berthing




Is compulsory for vessels over 500 GRT.

Radio Info:

VHF listening watch on Ch12 maintained on weekdays between 0830hrs to 1700hrs.
For shipping movements the Pilot will contact vessel on VHF one hour before the Pilot on board time.
Call sign "Albany Port".


All vessels MUST have chart AUS109, 110 and 118 before entering port waters.If they do not they must advise their agent who will arrange for the chart to be supplied by launch on arrival at port limits. The chart has 7 anchorage positions A,B,C,D,E,F,G. The Port Authority will advise the agent which anchorage the ship must proceed to.

Transit from Albany Port limits to the anchorage area is permitted without a pilot. Masters must confirm their allocated anchorage with the port prior to entering King George Sound by Email: albanyshipping@albanyport.com.au

Woodchip vessels to anchor at anchorage “G” - King Point light Bearing 276 deg (T) x 2.9 Nautical Miles unless otherwise advised.

Fishing: In Port

Fishing off the wharf or ship alongside is prohibited.

Fishing at Anchor:

Fishing in King George Sound is illegal unless the crew member holds a valid West Australian Recreational Fishing Licence. See

Fishing in Western Australia (Minimum species size and bag limits apply.)

Inbound Pilotage:

The pilot boarding ground (see chart AUS 109 & 110),position 35°04.0´ S, 118° 00.0´ East.

For ships at anchor the pilot will board at the anchorage.


The port uses the services of SVITZER Australia Pty Limited for its operations and they presently provide two Z-Peller tugs "KOONA" and "KAROO"which have:
50 MT Bollard pull over the stern - 3600HP - 2685 kW
50 MT Bollard pull over the stern - 3600Hp - 2685kW

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Princess Royal Harbour
Berth No. 1  Land backed berth, 210 m long & depth 10.5 m;
Berth No. 2  Land backed berth, 172 m long & depth 10.5 m;
Berth No. 3  Land backed berth, 227 m long & depth 12.2 m;
Berth No. 6 Dolphin (7) berth, 216 m long & depth 12.2 m.

Maximum Laden Draft:

No. 1 and No. 2 berths = 9.8 m.
No. 3 berth = 11.5 m (approval required for up to 11.7m)
No. 6 berth = 11.5 m (approval required for up to 11.7m)


Prevailing winds, South West in winter, Easterlies in summer.


Range 1 metre, but can be influenced by weather conditions.

General Shipping Information

Latitude 35° 02'; Longitude 117° 55' E. Situated in King George Sound on the South Coast of Western Australia
Admiralty Chart: AUS 109/110/118
Admiralty Pilot: 13
Time Zone: GMT + 8 hours


Ambulance 000
Police 000
Fire  000
Oil Spill :0488 929 095(Duty Pilot Mobile)

Port of Albany:

Port of Albany,
85 Brunswick Road (PO Box 175),
Albany WA 6330
Telephone: (08) 9892 9000
Facsimile: (08) 9841 7566

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Southern Ports Harbour Master: mobile 0417 206 915

Port of Albany Deputy Harbour Master: 08 9892 9015 (direct) - mobile 0428 496 565
Port of Albany Duty Pilot: mobile 0488 929 095

Shipping Agents:

Based in Albany:

Halls Shipping : telephone (08) 9841 1755, mobile 0429 831 835,
fax (08) 9841 7690

Based in Fremantle:

Stevedoring Companies


Transit Shed at No. 1 berth. 9,800 m3 of cold storage is leased to Austral Fisheries Pty Ltd.

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One 12 ton mobile crane available on wharf.
Plus two forklifts 2.5 Ton and 4.0 Ton capacity.

Ship Chandlery:

ISSA members and provisions available.


Fresh water is available at all berths, 60 tonnes per hour.

Cruise Vessels:

Cruise vessels are welcome.

Bulk Cargo:

Grain loaded on No. 3 Berth by Co-operative Bulk Handling Ltd by any two out of three ship loaders with a total capacity of 1600 tonnes per hour. Loading air draft 14 metres at HW. Silica sand loaded on No3 berth by AustSand using Loader No2 at Approximately 400 Tonnes per hour. Loading air draft 14 metres at HW. Maximum draft 11.5 metres. (approval required for up to 11.7m)

Woodchips loaded on No 6 Berth by one fixed woodchip loader with a loading capacity of 900 tonnes per hour. Air draft 17 metres at HW.


Facilities for handling bulk petroleum products at No. 2 Berth using pipelines. Main operators of petroluem imports are Caltex.


Marine diesel by pipeline is available at No.2 Berth at the rate of approximately 100 tonnes per hour. Small quantities may be delivered by road tanker.

Ship Repairs:

Slipway for maximum 40 MT vessels at Emu Point slipway services.
Small repairs only are dealt with by local engineering workshops.
Hold cleaning is done by contractors.
Contact local or ship's agent for further details.

Principal imports:

Fertiliser, petroleum products.

Principal exports:

Various grains,silica sand,woodchips.

Medical Facility:

Hospital available (08) 9841 2955. Contact local or ships agent for all medical requirments.


The airport is located approximately 11 km from the port.
The only commercial flights between Albany and Perth are operated by Rex Airlines.
There are a few charter companies available using light aircraft.
Contact local or ship's agent for all travel requirements.

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