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Notice to Mariners :

These Notices to Mariners are provided by the Port of Albany for the information of masters of commercial shipping, pilots, recreational and private operators and the other port users operating within the Port of Albany port limits.

Only active Notices to mariners issued by the Port will appear within the list below.Any notice issued by the port that has subsequently been cancelled,withdrawn or expired will be removed from the list.

Port of Albany notices are advertised through the local media and are also submitted directly to the following authorities and organisations:

  1. Department of Transport (Navigation Safety - Fremantle)
  2. Department of Transport (Marine Safety - Albany)
  3. Albany Sea Search and Rescue
  4. Royal Australian Navy - Hydrographic Office, Wollongong
  5. Princess Royal Sailing Club

For additional Notice to mariners or navigational warnings that may affect the safety of navigation, both within and outside of the port limit, please refer to the following websites

  1. Department of Transport
  2. Royal Australian Navy Hydrographic Office

Permanent Correction :

Obstruction off Seal Island (South) issued 10 February 2009

King Point Sector Light issued March 2013

Albany Port Pilot Station issued March 2013

Sector Light at Emu Point issued March 2013

West Cardinal Mark at Gio Batta Shoal issued May 2016

Notices :