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MSIC card


Induction Requirements for the Port of Albany

If you require un-escorted access to the Albany Port to conduct work or business undertakings, you must be the holder of a Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC) and complete the full on-line induction accessed via the link below.

If your MSIC was issued by a Western Australian Port, please include the card number on the induction registration. (the 5 digit number on the back of the card.You will need to attend the APA office to have your card activated)

If your MSIC was issued by someone other than a WA Port (e.g. One-Stop or Veritas) you may be able to purchase a separate gate access card from the Albany Port for a cost of $47.00.

If you are accessing the Port as an escorted visitor (i.e. someone with an MSIC will be supervising you at all times) and will not be conducting works (e.g. attending a meeting or providing a quote) please complete the visitor induction via the link below.

To complete the induction you must watch the video and correctly answer the questions at the end of each video section. If you do not answer correctly, the video will return to the start of the section and commence again.

Please print a copy of the completion certificate for your records.

At completion of the induction an email will be sent to the Port of Albany confirming your successful participation.

You will require an ADSL internet connection to run the induction. If you experience difficulties, please ring our office on (08) 98 929000.

The Port of Albany may withdraw your access at any time if unsafe work practices are seen or if you act in any manner contrary to the guidelines outlined in the Port Induction video.