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What do I need to know about cruise ships at the Port of Albany?

Cruise Ships

Cruise ships are an increasingly popular travel option in Australia and Albany is pleased to be a host port for many visitors who arrive on board ship each year. The cruise ship season extends from September through to March/April with an average of 11 ships each year. The passenger capacity of each ship varies from 500 up to 2,500.

The Albany community warmly welcomes cruise ship visitors. A bagpiper plays on the wharf to entertain passengers as the ship comes in to berth and on days when bigger ships arrive there are market stalls held in the Town Square. The Port of Albany provides a free shuttle bus service to take passengers to and from town and local operators offer a variety of tours to showcase the attractions of our region.

Where do I meet friends who are on board a cruise ship?

Due to the Federal Governments security requirements for ports, access to the wharf is restricted. There is also a marked “no standing” area for vehicles near the port exit gate. This is to allow clear entry and exit of vehicles. The Port of Albany is a working port so it is recommended that you contact any friends you wish to meet and make arrangements to meet them in town near one of the shuttle bus stops in York Street.

Shuttle bus map

In special circumstances other access arrangements may be considered, please contact the Port of Albany on 9892 9000.

Can I go on board a cruise ship?

Due to federal government security requirements, the general public are not allowed on Cruise Ships nor into any of the secured zone of the Port. Ports are similar to airports in this respect

Where can i view the cruise ships from?

The arrival and departure of ships can be viewed from marine Drive or the boardwalk.

Where can i find the cruise ship schedule?

The cruise ship schedule is advertised in the Weekender newspaper at the beginning of each season. Changes can occur during the season, an updated schedule is always available on the Port's website.

Cruise ship schedule

Cruise Ship Security Notice

A restricted area of 80 metres off the Port berths is permanently in place. In order to meet the Federal Government’s security requirements, an additional Exclusion Zone will be established at berths 1,2 and 3 whenever a cruise ship is alongside. All other vessels and watercraft will be prohibited from entering this zone which will extend 100 metres from the berth face. Penalties may apply for breaching this zone.